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Rising From Nostalgia:The Lonely Together's 'Don't Ask Don't Get' Ignites 00s Rock with Dreamy Power

The Lonely Together bring rock back from the 00s with a dreamy twist and a spark in the lyrics. Their latest single, ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Get,’ is a full-blown hit. The riff hooks with the power of the almighty. The beat holds you as you climb. The tension rises but the vocal cuts it off, saving it for later. The song swirls, dips and dives through pink clouds as the sound builds and builds. Then, the chorus. The blazing riff hits again, the vocals let go and show us all the oomph they can muster. A brilliant tone and a nostalgia rush over you for a brief moment. After that, it’s just excitement at such a powerful all-new sound.

‘Don’t Ask Don’t Get’ holds some Snow Patrol vibes, but with something more in the back. There is a passion that wasn’t there in the goldies. There is a power, an urgency. It brings the track right up to your face, and Guy, it sounds fantastic. The Lonely Together hold what is left of 00s greatness in their bones, and they are not afraid to unleash its full potential.



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