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#ROBJOHNSONMUSIC transmits high voltages in new album




London, United Kingdom






#RobJohnsonMusic has released his highly anticipated album #hi. Consisting of 10 tracks ranging from under 2 minutes long to nearly 9 minutes in length, this album has a lot for us to delve into! In this project #RobJohnsonMusic combines elements from acoustic to electronic to sweep listeners into a land of both chaos and relaxation. The album opens with the song #idecidedtostayquietandletitpass - This production provides listeners with telecom transmissions, a news reading, and the emergence of experimental electro. I feel that this sets the scene perfectly, it intrigues listeners into a story before fully delving into the main body. The track is experimental, messy, and perfect for those who have a lot going on in their mind as the elements work to set the scene perfectly. #seaofskeletons briefly transmit the same vibe before very quickly sweeping you into the relaxation techniques of acoustic guitar and folktronica. There's a solitude found in the sounds of birds and messiness found in the electronic elements that sweep into and out of the mix at times. #youwillwonder is a track that we've written about before here at TJPL NEWS - rating it NUMBER 1 in our Top 10 Acoustic, Indie Rock & Guitar Riffs - 03/06/2022. To recap, this piece has the feel of Ed Sheeran's Bloodstream about it - mixing elements of fast acoustic guitar picking with chilled electronic elements. #fadingorangesoon brings back white noise transmission before slowly bringing in a muffled vocal. This then fades out to be replaced by electronic keys and bell synths. I love the way that this track slowly adds more elements to create its cinematic yet relaxing sound. #pickyourbattles delves into D&B with its fast loops and slow keys - I really like this track, I think that it adds something experimental yet familiar to the ears of listeners without compromising the originality of the artist. #...asnaturalasgravity has the smoothness of a glockenspiel and the darkness of cinematic bass. As the piece develops I envisioned this piece being a perfect soundtrack to an action movie - something along the lines of Fast and Furious. One thing that enjoyed about this piece here is that there is a sense of fusion - some of the key synth progressions sound Middle-Eastern whereas the cinematics takes you into Hollywood. #bulletproofIII brings back the use of inspirational speech similar to what was used early on in the project. This piece borders on Twee melodically and brings in the bass elements of EDM and electronica. #godislaughingatyou is an urgent track! The dark cinematic synths put you into a mental state of emergency whilst the distorted bass adds the slowness and deepness all of which create a sense of cinematic emotion! This is another track that would work in action movies! I love this piece. #thefuture,oraglitch? has a feel of hip-hop in its opening before reintroducing the melodic synth sample that was present in the previous track. I love the continuation and versatility that are added here! The grand finale is found in #mybatteryislowanditisgettingdark. This piece takes a while to fully immerse. The elements build a futuristic dystopia in a mix that finds its balance between lawlessness and chaos. Overall, this project showcases the many thoughts and feelings of this artist through a range of distinct yet merged genre influences! I'm looking forward to hearing what comes next from #RobJohnsonMusic for sure!


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