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Rock Anthem Revival: Greenhouse's 'Finally Over' Ignites Your Soul

‘Finally Over’ pushes the core of rock and roll to 11. Greenhouse have distilled a sound that scales; you can blast ‘Finally Over’ in your headphones and rock out all by your lonesome. Or, you could hear it played at a stadium and get that energy rushing through you, feel the bass in your bones. The single feels like an anthem, it makes you want to play it as loud as you can, shout along to the lyrics and play air guitar alongside the melody. It's a fabulous track that buzzes with power. I can’t imagine the chills this would send through the crowd as an encore.

Greenhouse are pulling back rock a few years and rebuilding. Taking energies and tones from Oasis and pouring them into a new blend of textures will have you arrive in the same ballpark. Screaming guitars, hissing chords and thrumming bass over drums. The vocals power overhead, clean and clear, calling the masses. And they will come. For ‘Finally Over,’ the masses will come…



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