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Romain Gutsy's 'I'm James Bond' Brings Whimsy and European Flair to a Spirited Folk-Country Fusion

Romain Gutsy pushes heartfelt music into the sunshine, making it gleam with passion and rise above you to fill the glowing sky. ‘I’m James Bond’ is a track that showcases the creativity behind the talent. Sometimes when a songwriter simply has fun with a song it comes out magical. This is one such example, you can tell that this track was a great time all the way through. From country beginnings that switch into a folk vibe, the song twists and turns like the plot in a spy movie. There are references and there are little musical tips of the hat. But there is fun, and there is laughter and there is a beautiful European sound that cannot be matched.

‘I’m James Bond’ is a wonderful song, but more than that it’s a good time. I jumped back in straight away because of how it made me feel. Everything washes with bright colours, the bad times don’t seem so bad and the world is your oyster. I suppose — it feels like ‘I’m James Bond.’



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