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Nashville, United States

‘Crimes’ is the latest single from soon-to-be rock heavyweights, ROXERCAT. Bringing funk to the rock scene has never been done with so much style. The bass line is rich and groovy, swollen with swing and aching with attitude. The guitar and keys line up to march, step-ball-change and swivel into the vibe as the vocals settle in for a belting scream. It's a medley you need in your life, the ROXERCAT blend of funk, soul and rock has never been so fine. A smashing melody in the verse leads to a blowout chorus that holds you in the beat. You turn the corner … a face-melting solo barrels past at a million miles an hour.

‘Crimes’ is a song set in a strange and colourful world. One that is built on the foundry of rock and addled by funk fusion. The result is a track that will keep you up at night. (Just one more listen, just one more listen, just one, more … listen!)



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