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RUFETOP - Peachy (show Me Your Na Na) - LATEST RELEASE


Peachy (show Me Your Na Na)

Los Angeles, United States

RUFETOP’s debut is a bold and bright R&B/Pop single about all things passion. ‘PEACHY’ dances in bright colours and deals in vibrant metaphors that slight on the sexual and arrive far past even a double entendre. The beat is clean, deep and sharp, keeping time and keeping you on your feet to the afro-fusion instrumental that is attached to it. Synths rule the show and lead the melody, they fly high for the build-up and crash back down in the chanting chorus to get you closer to the vocals. Speaking of which, the vocals are two, they are both loud, brash and hold a lot of rhythm, and feel simply made for this genre of music.

‘PEACHY’ is a confident first step into the pop world for RUFETOP. Their brand of juicy, dripping music is sure to grow and soon there will be RUFETOP playing from the rooftops.



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