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SABLE - Contrarian



Santa Fe, United States

Synth tones and lo-fi vibes. They splash out and cover the room. You feel at ease, ready to sleep. Then plays, ‘Contrarian,’ the latest single from Sable. The tones pick up, growing from the walls, forming drums and synths. They weave a soft melody, it pads the beat, you are lulled by the cotton vocals that hang in the air like a sweet smell. Then a synth changes track, a guitar sound beats the beat to the chase and soon a jazzy fill is running around the room, sprinting back and forth the song trying to keep up. The whole track shifts and follows, the sound picking up. The room turns on its side but somehow, you are just as comfortable as before, only now you’re awake and jamming out to the wondrous tones of Sable.

‘Contrarian’ is a sound to behold. Shifting between lo-fi trap textures and jazz is a shift I never saw coming but it works so well. The single is lively, it's fun and one hell of an earworm. Give it a listen, you’ll have the time of your life chasing that jazz riff, let me tell you!


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