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Peekskill, NY, United States

Samantha Knight will blow you away with her debut single, ‘Dreaming’. It's a pop and soul song but that doesn’t matter. What will hit you is its spirit, its harmonies and melodies, and the lyrics that carry the raw emotions directly to your ears. It's minimal, with an acoustic guitar and light piano chords, yet maximal with its vocals. They soar and power through every set expectation you may have. They alight on harmonies that are not so common but really should be, as they give power to the meaning behind the song. The melody is hummable, sway-able and cry-able and builds naturally to a chorus that melts like hailstones in the summer sun.

It starts quietly. An acoustic guitar plucks through the chords as a bass emphasises them. It's warm, inviting, and friendly. When the vocals hit you’re lost in them. They hold a quality that oozes soul and they know it, using their power at every twist and melodic turn to grab your attention and keep it. Just as you get free, the harmonies climb ever higher into the clouds and the chorus reels you back with its sharp dance of vocals and guitar.

Samantha Knight has remained honest to a sound that is immortal in her debut single, ‘Dreaming’. Although her career will be long and prosperous, I feel ‘Dreaming’ will remain a heavy hitter and fan favourite for years to come. - FREDDIE MCKEE

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