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Sans Patrie Rocks Hard with Latest Single 'Córdoba'

Updated: Mar 7, 2023



Brooklyn, United States

Sans Patrie are the latest rock band that you’ll want to get your ears around. Their latest single, ‘Córdoba,’ is a hard and fast track, that bleeds positivity and holds melody at its core.

The guitar opens up, acoustic and delightful. The vocal swings in from above and blesses the sound with smooth lyrics through a golden voice. The percussion picks up, electric guitars fill the stage, bass is finding its path, walking the line down to the chorus. Once we arrive the sound explodes. Harmonies, guitars layering playing a riff that will stick with you for days, while the vocals cement the hook into your mind. A fantastic song to blare from a stereo.

Sans Patrie know what it takes to make great rock music. You can hear it already, this early on in their career. Soon, I have no doubt, they will be filling stadiums with an energetic form of anthem rock that will set them apart in the history books. Keep on rocking! If ‘Córdoba’ is anything to go by, there is a lot to look forward to from Sans Patrie.



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