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Everyone You Know Is Sad

London, United Kingdom

Indie pop and rock have hit the mainstream, there’s no doubt about it. Indie is growing and it is a sound that is bleeding into the foreground, for that reason, it's becoming increasingly hard to define. But you still know good music when you hear it, just like Serena Kaos’s ‘Everyone You Know Is Sad’. Indie, shoe gaze, dream-pop/rock with some classic 80s pop stylings thrown in for good measure. It's a powerful song, one that stands its ground and plays with harmonics, melody and powerful vocals. Serena Kaos is onto something here, I’m not sure what she’s topping her Weetabix with, but whatever it is we could all do with some more of it.

The song packs so much oomph. It's in the bass the drums the vocals the synth. The guitar adds a bright and crisp release, without it we’d be flooded. The melody sits on the end of the bed of ominous, looking back at it with a smile. It's a wonderfully weird pop sound that I adore. I’m glad we're hearing more experimentation in this indie-pop scene, it's going to create a varied and new soundscape for pop to develop in. One of the founding members of this indie-pop movement is already doing it, their name is Serena Kaos, and their sound is going to change things. In the very best of ways. ‘Everyone You Know Is Sad’ is so unique it bleeds passion and creativity, more like this and the sky will turn whatever colour Serena Kaos deems fit.


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