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SIESKI's "In The Matters": A Melodic Ode to Love's Best Qualities

Cover art of SIESKI's single "In The Matters"
Cover art of SIESKI's single "In The Matters"

SIESKI Weaves a Tender Song in Her Latest Single "In The Matters"

Canadian indie artist SIESKI presents a heartfelt serenade in her latest single, “In The Matters”. Recorded in a single take at Helm Studios in Vancouver, this track stands as an unvarnished and intimate expression of love and its transformative qualities.

SIESKI, known for her genre-blending approach that fuses jazz, indie, and folk into an alt-pop dream, continues to captivate audiences with her alluring vocals and evocative songwriting. A queer-femme force in the music industry, SIESKI's artistry transcends conventional boundaries, both musically and thematically.

“In The Matters” is a stripped-down track that resonates with simplicity and emotional depth. The collaboration with guitarist Seb Chamney adds a raw, acoustic charm, allowing SIESKI's gentle, fluttering vocals to shine. This song encapsulates the essence of being with someone who elevates your best traits, a theme that is both universal and deeply personal.

The production, overseen by Josh Eastman and Sienna Dolinski (SIESKI), emphasises the song's authenticity. As well as this, the choice to record in one take adds to the track's organic feel, making it a perfect fit for intimate moments and reflective playlists.

Promo Shot for SIESKI's single "In The Matters"
Promo Shot for SIESKI's single "In The Matters"

The visual aspect of “In The Matters”, captured by Baevocative Photography, complements the song's theme. The direction and editing by Baevocative Photography and Sienna Dolinski enhance the song's narrative, creating a visual representation that is as captivating as the track itself.

So, what can listeners expect here? “In The Matters” solidifies SIESKI's position as an artist to watch in the Canadian indie scene. The skill rests in her ability to blend genres and convey profound emotions through music making her an exciting and refreshing voice. This latest single not only shows her vocal and lyrical prowess but also her deep understanding of the nuances of human emotions. Beautiful.

Genre: Alt-Pop, Indie Folk, Jazz Influenced, Acoustic Indie

Mood: Intimate, Emotional, Reflective, Soothing, Heartfelt

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