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Simple Sessions' 'Nakamarra' Cover: A Funk-Fueled Rebirth of a Timeless Tune

Simple Sessions have delivered a cover of Hiatus Kaiyote’s ‘Nakamarra’ that will blow the winter out of you in one push/pull gust of brilliance. It’s got that funk, it starts in the bass, moves to the drums, the guitars take it up and soon the world is jiving to the ‘Nakamarra’ beat. The vocals are delightful, crystal-sweet. They dive into the deep to catch some grit and bring it up for the texture, the style, and the swagger. They fit the sound perfectly, they move as the groove moves. Simple Sessions have delivered a song that feels new, it feels vibrant. It is a cover that doesn’t feel like a cover. And that — is the Simple Session magic.

‘Nakamarra’ was a great track to begin with but, if I may, I prefer the Simple Session approach. It’s bouncy, it’s floral, and it packs a whopping punch in the funk department. Listen to it, you won’t regret it. I promise!



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