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Positive People

Sugar Land, Texas, United States

Credit - Myke Toman

Mark Winter’s ‘Positive People’ encompasses styles of pop and rock to entice people to the feel-good message of the song. Mark reminds listeners of how important positivity is in the world, to look to the brighter side of life and be grateful for those more insignificant moments we tend to glimpse over. From sharing a smile, to having people to love, ‘Positive People’ will help you find a reason to smile today. Quite a simple message, yet so meticulously executed through an accompaniment which also oozes the same upbeat and cheerful emotions. The careful craft of catchy beats and careful guitar picking which mimic the unforgettable chorus line that ‘positive people bring the sunshine’ is what will leave you playing this song on repeat.

Mark’s soft vocal touches are in pleasing synchronisation with the calm and feel-good nature of the song, making his belief that, ‘find the best in me, I’ll find the best in you’, quite a contagious one. - AIMEE STOKES

It’s almost impossible to finish the song without feeling more positive, a great song to listen to at the start of a stressful day, or perfect to unwind to when we need reminding of the reasons to be happy with our life.


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