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Gesher Haziv, Israel

Credit - Mali Aroesti 2022

Sivan Langer’s new release ‘Alibi’ is a melodically soothing track, radiating bright imagery and calming effects through an acoustic style.

It is difficult to put Sivan’s style into a box, while this song is quite simple in it being an acoustic, Sivan’s vocals seem to alternate from retro, blues and even to indie styles which is a testament to his musical diversity. - AIMEE STOKES

The soundscape incorporates repeating guitar riffs and slight synth. I found the underlayer of accompaniment to the vocals quite pleasant and really added to the wholesome nature of the song.

Sivan writes his music from his own life experiences, and here, he uncovers themes of deception and unmasking the truth. ‘Alibi’ is a track that can resonate with many people who can also reflect on their own experiences of unauthentic relationships. I found the single’s imagery particularly effective; it shows a young girl in a field looking out into beautiful scenery. The rich and diverse colour pallet reflects on those moments where people’s true colours are revealed, and how we should find solace in the truth, even if it’s hard to accept.

Make sure you check out ‘Alibi’ to discover a new and unique artist!


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