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SMAIBLUE - I Blushed Before Your Kind Soul


I Blushed Before Your Kind Soul

Brighton, United Kingdom

Credit - Smaiblue

Smaiblue is pushing a sound that exudes musicality from every angle. Their single, ‘I Blushed Before Your Kind Soul,’ is a riveting example of pure expression in song, and it's not loud or shouty or whiney. It's sung, from the heart and the emotion is there, it's not put on or over expressed, it’s honest and it's brilliant. The instrumental lives beside the piano. It's colourful and bright, it’s fresh air and fire crackles. When the chorus arrives the vocals swoon with a harmony that catches you off guard, the piano rises and frills, and the song levitates before you, glowing.

‘I Blushed Before Your Kind Soul’ is a song you get lost in the same way you do a koi fish pond. You begin looking at the colours, the shapes and the textures. Before you know it it's 4 hours later and you’re drooling down your shirt. It's pop-shoe gaze-new wave-soul music and it is as addictive as smiling.



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