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B Song (WW Remix)

Gdansk, Poland

Snakedoctors are a funky, fun, four-piece band who originate from Poland, and together they create a wildly unique sound by combining genres such as New Wave, Dark Wave, Post-Punk and Shoegaze sensibilities. ‘B Song’ is their latest track that does also feature a female guest vocalist who I find adds a lightness to the deep and impactful vocals. The song kicks in straight away with energetic, fabulously light keynotes that instantly grab your attention and get that 80’s Electro - Pop love flowing through you, making it irrepressible to stop your bouncy bones bopping along to the funky rhythm. This alongside a contagiously quirky bassline and a seriously sweet synth, the drumbeat is simple yet effective with a steady beat that sets the pace, as the guitar riff is subtle allowing the synth to be at the forefront of the tune infecting us with that retro 80’s electro vibe. The track in its entirety is totally giving me 80’s Electro – Pop / Funk vibes! This nostalgia is making me want to go back in time, get the unmissable neon colours on and go clubbing with those super striking strobe lights and carefree dance floor! Imagine Metal band Rammenstein making Electro-Pop!


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