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Soda Cracker Jesus Captivates with 'One Day I Know': A Striking Foray into Modern Indie Psychedelia

Modern indie psychedelia is a fascinating genre that spans the weird and wild corners of the contemporary musical landscape. Soda Cracker Jesus have delivered one such fascinating single with ‘One Day I Know,’ which sits closer to the pop banks of the psychedelic shores. It’s a formidable song, one that dabbles in those Beatles tones and powers through Bowie chords. The resulting track, however, is Soda Cracker Jesus through and through. There is a pace, a flow, a wellspring of colours discovered by Soda Cracker Jesus that are only present in their music. This single is the epitome of such striking visuals. ‘One Day I Know’ paints a stunning mural on a wall and knocks it down in the bridge. A striking movement, and a fun one all in all.

This is a single that sucks you in. I listened once and was still hungry for more, so I took myself through the rest of Soda Cracker Jesus’s amazing discography. Once you come back to this, their latest single, it’s as if you know the language. The highs were higher, the lows more bouncy, and the vocal even better than before. ‘One Day I Know’ is a stroke of modern indie genius and houses sounds that everyone should hear at least once in this life. A truly beautiful single of mammoth proportions.



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