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Stoppage Time

Melbourne, Australia

Sonomancer is a fan of many things I am sure, but two things are glaringly obvious: good music and football. Their latest single, ‘Stoppage Time’ brings both of these passions together, allowing us as listeners to experience true passion from an extremely distilled source, Sonomancer’s mind. The sound is techno mixed with Neo-dance wave music. It pulses and grows, never really clicking into a normal structure, it's unpredictable and exciting, like the game it was inspired by. Just as you know your team, the players, the opponents, the strategies but never know how it's going to go down on the big day. That’s what makes it exciting, the unknown, the what if? All of those feelings are bottled up and pressurised within, ‘Stoppage Time’, you’ll have to listen for yourself to feel out the win.

The reason I enjoyed this song so much was its blending of worlds. The starting chants that continue as a mantra throughout the track, the sounds like whistles, and the percussion, soft like stamping feet. The melody is fast and arpeggiated like it's keeping time using the stride of someone at full sprint. Every single sound feels like it has been thought about, precisely nurtured and coached into position. A beautiful song, worthy of the beautiful game.


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