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Updated: Jan 2, 2023


Silent Film

Portland, United States

Credit - Kayla Wiley

Sparkbird hailing from Portland, United States has released their latest song ‘Silent Film’.

Born out of grief, ‘Silent Film’ was written after the death of the artist’s pet Parrot upon initial reflection of a quiet home whilst their partner was out at work. Grief-stricken, Sparkbird questioned their life without their partner. ‘Silent Film’ is the result of those thoughts.

A choppy piano opening sets a cinematic backdrop for the vocals to rest on. The lyrics stand out as the production slowly progresses with layers of strings and shaker percussion just in time for the layered vocals of the chorus.

The key marker of this song’s genius is the way that the instruments have been arranged to create a sense of cinematic urgency but to also offer listeners something relaxing and emotionally all-consuming.

The lyrics and vocals are beautiful, raw and captivating. Sparkbird and Stephan Nance are two artists who you should all go check out! - TAMARA JENNA


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