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Never Am I Full

Detroit, United States

Spyderhuff are rolling out singles for their SIN7 project and the fifth release, ‘Never Am I Full - Gluttony’ is a single you won’t want to miss. - FREDDIE MCKEE

It's blues to the core. The melody is a classic old jive and you know I love a harmonica especially one played as well as it is in this track. It gives a big band vibe but keeps it casual, the sound rises and falls and plays with velocity to vary the tones and textures. It's a well-thought-out and well-played example of blues done right. If ‘Never Am I Full - Gluttony’ is your gateway into Spyderhuff then get ready for some amazing songs to come your way.

The song opens with some sliding guitar riffs and cymbals, the tone is set and you know it's a good one. The bass lines up with the guitar and the harmonica leads the vocals and drums into the mix. Together they build a tone that is rich and classic. A bigger guitar plays its part as the song goes on and it's just what it was missing, when the chorus hits and those harmonies play out it's a high you won’t want to come down from. A brilliant single with inventive percussion, stellar vocals and some slapping bass and guitar lines. Bring on the rest of SIN7!


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