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The Mirror - Pride

Detroit, United States

Spyderhuff are back, on the conquest of rock, blues and soul, with the 6th entry in their SIN7 project, ‘The Mirror - Pride’. It's a single that oozes attitude and harmony, Americana dripping from its well-fitted bluegrass tux. Spyderhuff are going all out with SIN7 and ‘The Mirror - Pride’ is no exception, it's incredibly arranged and performed with a western swing and a country twang. The drums rolling and marching in the back, taking the afternoon off to put some pep in their steps. The bass walks the line in the high noon sun, the rays beating down, casting bird shadows. When the vocal medley kicks in the song really takes off, it's so tonal it's tangible and it tastes like groove.

Swinging drums start and the guitar and bass punch out the hook with no time to lose. It's grippy and it catches you, drawing you into the song within. Once you’re there it's warm, it's huge and it's classic country done right. Harmonica blares and whittles at the medley as it sits in the wind as the track barrels home in style.

Every song on SIN7 has been a blast, bringing new ideas and concepts to the genres that are graced by a track from Spyderhuff. ‘The Mirror - Pride’ marks the 6th entry and the band are still going strong, the only bad thing about it is that it's the penultimate song in the series, and I could listen to this vibe forever.


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