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ST. NIKLAS Breaks Free from the Comfort Zone with New Single 'comfy' featuring DØSSI

ST. NIKLAS returns to the music scene with his latest single 'comfy', a delightful duet featuring the talented DØSSI. This track is a poignant reflection on stagnation in life and relationships, urging listeners to break free from their comfort zones and embrace change. Niklas explains, "A lot of people suppress their own talents, by constantly making safe choices. In many ways, that's exactly what 'comfy' is all about."

This release marks a new chapter for ST. NIKLAS, who first debuted in 2016 with the C-O-O-L EP. The EP was lauded by NRK Urørt and music blogs alike, amassing nearly two million Spotify streams and ranking high on Spotify Viral in Norway, Sweden, and Spain. Three of the EP's songs were premiered on P3, with some gaining rotation on both P1 and P3.

Following the success of his previous EP 'your imperfections make me even more obsessed with you', ST. NIKLAS has been meticulously crafting new music, discarding countless songs in pursuit of perfection. He has also contributed as a songwriter for other artists, including Tomine Harket's 'Breathing Better'.

'comfy' is a testament to ST. NIKLAS' ability to blend indie pop and alternative pop with Nordic influences, creating an easy-listening experience marked by his distinctive male vocals and DØSSI's enchanting female vocals. This love song is a promising start to ST. NIKLAS' new musical journey.



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