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Love & War

Stockholm, Sweden

Credit - Anna Vinterfall

Need a new glam pop girl band? Well, that’s a silly question, the answer is always going to be yes! Don’t fret, Super Fëmmes have just released a new single and it is explosive. ‘Love & War’ hits hard and fast. It's funky in a major way, that bass rolls up early and doesn’t back down, giving a strength to the beat that is delicious. The instrumental is wild, full of synths, strings, and pads, all climbing together to create a stalwart sound that can live up to the vocal power of the Super Fëmmes. Their harmonies are sublime, massive and powerful. With soaring frills, dives, a faster-spoken word section, and a layered chorus, there’s nothing not to love here.

‘Love & War’ takes you back to a world where girl bands reigned supreme, where the melody was Queen and where harmony made all the difference. The Super Fëmmes are hitting all the notes of a world-class girl band. And I’m here for every single second of it.


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