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Credit - Sergio Avalos

So it turns out that Swedish Nightingales are songbirds through and through. They live to amaze and delight with wondrous textures and melodic frills. Their latest single, ‘Never See Her Again (feat. Derek Sherinian),’ is a hallmark song that depicts a flowing tone. It seeps into the space from the intro, cool and swift. The upbeat tempo falls into place and swishes it around. Now the vibe is folk, it's woody, oaken, and organic down to the core. The vocals fit the sound perfectly, they were meant to be. Bright and high they climb over the textures and frills played on the strings, finding heartbreaking harmonies and ever-so-delightful chorus hooks.

‘Never See Her Again (feat. Derek Sherinian)’ is a folk track injected with rock and played by players who have a love for all things music. You get the folk funk upfront. But in the back, way down low, lies the groove of rock. Mix them together, and you get the perfect storm, a set of wings for all weathers, the Swedish Nightingales. Tremendous.



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