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Synth Meets Rock in Uncharted Waters: 'Read About It' by Bromsen – A Bold Exploration of Sound

Bromsen are the band you need to listen to this week. If you’re anything like me you won't be able to get enough of them and will be feverishly searching for a Bromsen IV drip just to make it through the day. ‘Read About It’ is a single that pushes the worlds of synth and rock together. At the meeting point, across the chasm of sound, Bromsen throws sonic ropes and pulls the tides together. It’s a song that feels one way yet sounds another. The textures are that of rock, modern, high, bright, powerful. In the ear, however, synths rise to the occasion and take the power for themselves. Through the battle, vocals. Clear and strong they hold so much humanity and personality in their lines that it takes everything you’ve got not to be lost in their instantaneous charm.

Light, dark, thick and harmonious; Bromsen’s sound is like nothing else. ‘Read About It’ takes the new wave to the next ocean. They are trekking over unexplored seas and they are doing so with confidence and clarity. It’s a rock song. It’s an electronica track. Whatever it may be it’s fantastic, and you can be sure of one thing. It’s Bromsen through and through.


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