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Synthetic Splendor: Stefan Ćertić's 'Human' - A Cosmic Journey

Modern synth indie is making leaps and bounds towards the greatness of the past in some major ways. New releases capture more of that ephemeral beauty that 80s synth captured so easily at the time, turning those songs into unforgettable landmarks of pop. Stefan Ćertić’s ‘Human’ takes these passions and tones which were so prevalent in the 80s scene and melds them into today. ‘Human’ is a single that wears its soul on its lapel to match the heart on its sleeve. It comes at you with steady rhythms, bouncy percussion and tom rolls aplenty. Bass lines thrum in the cosmic dark and the fire in the eyes of the ‘Human’ cast shadows over asteroids.

The single is astounding, both in its complexity as well as its simplicity. The complexity comes from the textures. Each instrument feels lovingly crafted for its exact purpose, each frill fits the gap, each harmony soars with definitive ease. But the song itself does not get carried away. The beat keeps us steady, the track picks up in the chorus and leads us onto a spacey bridge which does wonders for the overall atmosphere of the track; it adds scale, power, presence. ‘Human’ is gargantuan, just as we are. But it is also approachable, just as we are. Stefan Ćertić has created a musical medium for our species’ synthetic qualities and uses it to great effect to transmit emotion from the cosmos into our souls.



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