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It's Who You Are

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Rupert Truman

Who's up for a dance? London-based Tally Koren has teamed up with Chillz Muzik to bring us their latest release 'It's Who You Are' - a rhythmic soulful mix of pop and dance! The song has a dominant kick that rides the duration of the storm of the piece along with the swoosh of backing vocals - there's a 70s/80s feel to this song in the way that elements of rock and pop have been merged together within the piece and given that the song was produced by Tally Koren and Phil Curran (Tears for Fears) this comes as part of the package!

Now, the contribution that Chillz Musik brings to this track is somewhat of a surprise! Bringing the feel of the piece into a more modern feel, Chillz Music changes the direction of the tide to stun listeners into a mesmerising rap flow with his skilful lyrics and tempo. Little is left for improvement from this up-and-coming Billboard Charted Rapper. The track has been mixed perfectly to accommodate the vocal differences between the two artists by Hybrid Lab Studio (The Chainsmokers, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg).

There's something for many music lovers within this track from all ages and a multitude of genres whether that's pop, rock or rap! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on these two artists because something tells me that they're only going to get better! - TAMARA JENNA


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