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Tally Koren Unveils Hypnotic Homemade Video for 'Watch Your Thoughts' Remix: A Mesmerizing Journey

Tally Koren invites us on a captivating audiovisual adventure with the release of her homemade video for the remix of "Watch Your Thoughts (It's Who You Are)." The remix, produced by Xander Milne—known for his collaborations with Tensnake, Cassius, Groove Armada, and Todd Edwards—provides a pulsating pop score that perfectly complements Koren's evocative lyrics and sensual visuals.

The video concept came to life during Koren's trip to Eilat, Israel, when she traveled through her hometown of Haifa via Highway 90. As she marveled at the stunning views of the Arava Valley, she felt compelled to capture the breathtaking scenery on her iPhone. Back in the UK, Koren decided to combine the raw desert footage with a contrasting video of her dancing in her London kitchen, filmed by Boyd Skinner.

The resulting video is a mesmerizing blend of Koren's personal journey and the upbeat, infectious energy of Milne's remix. The desert highway stretches endlessly into the horizon, while Koren's solo dance captures a sense of contentment and introspection. This unique combination showcases the power of her lyrics while providing a fitting visual accompaniment to the vibrant pop soundscape.

Tally Koren's hypnotic homemade video for "Watch Your Thoughts (It's Who You Are)" remix is a testament to her creative vision and ability to seamlessly blend contrasting elements into a cohesive, enchanting experience. Embark on this mesmerizing journey with Koren and witness the transformative power of music and dance.



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