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"Better Than Me" by The Domain – A Synth-Driven Journey Back to the 80s

The Domain and Lousy Collaborate to Create a Bouncy, Nostalgic EDM Hit

‘Better Than Me ft. Lousy’ is a new single from The Domain that brings the EDM out, flush with 80s colour ways. The sound is bouncy; the pad in the back warbles under the presence of the kick. The high synths paint shapes in the clouds as the ones in the mid dance with the splendid vocal track. Once everything is moving at a quickened pace, the song dips into a chorus that makes your heart beat faster and your shoulders sway. The rhythm is bold, but simple. ‘Better Than Me’ keeps its eyes on the classic and delivers a song in perfect style.

Cover art of The Domain's single "Better Than Me," featuring an 80s-inspired design that captures the track's nostalgic yet modern EDM vibe.
Cover art of The Domain's single "Better Than Me"

The Domain conjures up various images in this single. First, you get the 80s standard. Either tropical or city streets, perhaps flicking between them, showing the difference between grit and timbre. It's the synth that takes you there, with its textures and its volume. But the chords they are playing take you somewhere different, they take you back. Now you see the eyes of a lost love, feel their heart, know their step. The music builds around their image and they begin to sing. Vocals hit you from harmonic angles, they’re clear and bright, they hold the tone of the track perfectly and they never let the feel drop for a second. When they chant through the chorus it’s all you can do not to chant along with them. In the end, you give in, dropping into the synth-wave already soaking wet.

The Domain Promo Shot
The Domain Promo Shot

This is a single that sounds like it should be far bigger than it is. The Domain’s focus on simplicity in the construction of ‘Better Than Me’ allows the single to play with texture, tone, and harmony to a much more impactful degree. Once that melody bites, it holds on for dear life. A fantastic synth offering from an artist who is nowhere near finished. Brilliant.

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