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The Heroic Enthusiasts' Journey to "Tears Run Rings": A Nostalgic Yet Future-Facing Collaboration

Image of The Heroic Enthusiasts: "Band members of The Heroic Enthusiasts, James Tabbi and Thomas Ferrara, in a candid moment.

The Transformative Power of Collaboration: The Heroic Enthusiasts and Stephen Hague Redefine Nostalgia with "Tears Run Rings"

In the ever-expanding landscape of modern music, few acts manage to carve out a niche that feels both deeply nostalgic and thrillingly contemporary. Yet, that's precisely what The Heroic Enthusiasts have achieved, especially with their latest single, "Tears Run Rings," released on October 3rd via Meridian/ECR Music Group.

Hailing from a varied musical background, The Heroic Enthusiasts, comprised of lead-singer James Tabbi and guitarist Thomas Ferrara, blend Brit-pop, New Wave, and Post-Punk influences into a sound that has captured the attention of both critics and audiences alike. Their work has been described as "challenging yet innovative," "strikingly cinematic," and "alluringly refreshing and passionate."

But what really sets this release apart is the duo's collaboration with legendary producer Stephen Hague, known for his work with iconic artists like New Order, Peter Gabriel, and the Pet Shop Boys. Hague’s participation in the project elevates the song into a different realm, blending the unique stylings of The Heroic Enthusiasts with his unmatched expertise in New Wave and Synth-Pop.

The journey to "Tears Run Rings" was serendipitous, resonating with the theme that “there’s no such thing as coincidence.” This story began years ago, back in 1981, when Tabbi and Ferrara were "innocent young lads" enamored by Soft Cell’s album "Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret," especially hits like "Tainted Love" and "Where Did Our Love Go." These songs awakened a passion for innovative instrumentation and lyricism within them.

Album cover of "Tears Run Rings": "The colorful and evocative album cover of 'Tears Run Rings' by The Heroic Enthusiasts.

Fast-forward to the present day: the duo received an offer from music production company Coitus Interruptus to cover a Soft Cell/Marc Almond track. Given their youthful fondness for the band, they gleefully accepted the challenge, opting for “Tears Run Rings,” a track that aligns perfectly with their own affinity for love songs with a dark and politically infused twist.

Hague’s role in shaping the sound cannot be overstated. His mix and production breathed life into the duo's vision of paying homage to the original while making it distinctively "Heroic." As Ferrara puts it, "Stephen's iconic experience went beyond expectation." For Hague's part, working with The Heroic Enthusiasts was a "breath of fresh air" in an industry filled with repetitive beats and hooks.

This partnership has reached new heights with "Tears Run Rings," as it builds on their already established relationship with Hague, who also produced their previous EPs. The song joins the ranks of their reimagining of “It’s A Sin,” another chart-topping hit originally produced by Hague for the Pet Shop Boys in 1987.

Rooted in complex backgrounds—Tabbi and Ferrara are educated in computational mathematics and mathematical statistics, respectively—their work masterfully merges the intellectual and the emotional. Their complex song-craft serves as a perfect vehicle for Hague’s iconic production style, making "Tears Run Rings" a testament to their creative synergy.

As they revel in the positive reception and look towards future projects, one thing remains clear: The Heroic Enthusiasts and Stephen Hague are a match made in musical heaven, and their star only continues to rise.


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