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The Histrionics' 'Downturn' - A Modern Take on 90s Grunge with Sludgy Rock and Sublime Darkness

The Histrionics, ‘Downturn,’ is a single that leans into its genre to great effect. It's sludgy rock done with the style of 90s grunge. The vocals take a modern approach and sit casually as the instrumental reigns fire down around them. The light is orange, fierce — the bass is rattling and ferocious. When the guitar slides into earshot and wails with the bend of a lifetime, you know you are in for one rocking single.

‘Downturn’ pushes into the darkness rather fast, and I love it for that. It's like spotting a gush of water out at sea. You approach with caution only to realise the beast is already below you, churning tides and looking up with expansive glowing eyes. The Histrionics take their angsty sound and make it subtle, smooth, and sublime. When the chorus pushes into the deep and you see the song for what it is, all of the air leaves you and you are left in awe. A true rock song for the modern age. Fantastic.



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