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THE HYBRIS Reignites 80s Rock Vibes with 'Celebrate The Good Times'

THE HYBRIS are back. Their single, ‘Celebrate The Good Times,’ pushes us further into the 80s rock vibes that everyone knows and loves. Yes, the song is positive, that much is a fact. But that doesn’t mean that THE HYBRIS have lost that heavy feeling, that massive sound space and those glorious punk-ish harmonies. It’s all still there, now it just drives a Bel Air.

The instrumental holds a new genre. It blends 80s rock tones with modern pop and cinematic textures. There are chugging guitars, hefty drums, solid bass — and then, over top, comes a climbing piano riff that pulls the tension up. Now you’re not only waiting for the chorus, you’re sweating for it. But the payoff is brilliant. As the song reaches its zenith, every instrument harmonises. The song comes together, creating a Siren call that will stick in your head for years. The vocals blare, the harmonies layer, the guitars play and the song is perfect.

‘Celebrate The Good Times’ pushes everything into a narrow focus and delivers with laser precision. THE HYBRIS have welded 80s, 00s, 2020s pop and cinematic together with pure musical passion.


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