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The Lost Messiahs have been found, and, they bring with them songs of the future

The Lost Messiahs have been found, I am happy to report. And, they bring with them songs of the future. Golden songs, full of life and soul, sounds that rock, sounds that get you moving, sounds that get stuck in your head for weeks. ‘Brownsfield’ is one such song. The vibe is positive, the sound is bright. It’s like an indie Killers. The bounce in the beat hits the rocking guitar and they take off together. Well, there’s only one thing to do, the vocal grabs on, going along for the ride. Within no time it is commanding the track, pulling this way, harmonising that way. You are pulled on a sonic journey, a pleasurable voyage I wish never had to end.

‘Brownsfield’ holds that brit-rock quality at its core. There is a charm here, an honesty. One that takes you by surprise at first, when the song sounds so simple but in reality is so very complex. The Lost Messiahs are certainly ones to look out for, I know I will be. Stunning.



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