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Portland, United States

Credit - Brian Corley

The Mars McClanes. Remember the name as you’ll wanna rehearse the classic, “Oh I know them, I’ve been listening to them since, ‘The Liar’”. ‘The Liar’, being the title of their new single. And what a single it is. The lyrics are bold, funny at times, and the whole song comes together with a classic American naughties rock angst that I and many others live for.

The song opens with a deep bluesy bend that is suddenly surrounded by open chords and a sprinting drum pattern that could wake the dead. The riff continues and it's a blast from the past, somehow from the future. Vocals chime in with the power of the greats from the naughties rock genre, but with a distinctness that has allowed The Mars McClanes to carve themselves a wholly new niche, one that slips into smooth rock then back to hard punky musings, never for a moment dropping the pace. The chorus is perfect and slots seamlessly into the verses creating a single worth saving, favouriting and playing on repeat.

Rare for modern songs, ‘The Liar’ has picked a theme and stuck with it, allowing for some fantastic lyric writing. Focusing on progressively more preposterous lies, the song isn’t just a pretty sound, it's a well-written one too. Listen to this song, and then the rest of The Mars McClanes discography, they deserve it and you deserve it too. It’s not often great music like this walks by.

“My grandma once chopped a man in half - With a thirty-dollar bill and a baseball bat”. Man what a line…


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