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Harmonies for Healing: The Marsh Family's 'If That Day Comes Round' Echoes Hope Amid Conflict

Cover art for The Marsh Family's single 'If That Day Comes Round,
Cover art for The Marsh Family's single 'If That Day Comes Round,
Marsh Family's New Single: A Heartfelt Plea for Peace Amidst Conflict"

As the nights draw in and the world around us edges closer and closer down the path of despair, for some, there is absolutely nothing left but questions, fear, and, anger. Where homes once stood proud of their heritage, its comforting four walls act as a hug for families who have built, laughed and cried for generations. For others, their homes may have been new found achievement, a generational first and a milestone in their lives, either way, indiscriminately, civilians can expect only to see it gone before their very eyes, but only if they are spared the hand of death.

The world of politics can be a cruel place where injustice is almost inevitable. Many hurt physically but all, emotionally, roar at the sky for a saviour. In their latest release, "If That Day Comes Round" by the Marsh Family, such issues are addressed. Known for their heartwarming and impactful music, this talented family ensemble has once again captured the essence of the times, offering a soul-stirring piece that resonates deeply amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Released on December 1st, the timing of this song couldn't be more poignant. The Marsh Family, comprising Ben and Danielle Marsh and their children, Alfie, Thomas, Ella, and Tess, have meticulously crafted a melody that intertwines guitar, strings, mandolin, and piano, creating a soundscape that is both soothing and reflective. Their previous endeavours, which brought laughter and solace during lockdowns, pale in comparison to the depth and maturity of this latest offering.

The lyrics of "If That Day Comes Round" are a collection of shared histories of conflict, faith, and grief, co-written with input from individuals on both sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict. It's a bold move, yet one that the Marsh Family handles with grace and empathy. The opening lines, "Under bloodshot skies / Where the smoke plumes rise," set a sombre tone, painting a vivid picture of a war-torn landscape. The song captures the essence of human suffering and the tragic consequences of conflict, especially for families and children.

Promotional image of The Marsh Family for their single 'If That Day Comes Round,'
Promotional image of The Marsh Family for their single 'If That Day Comes Round,'

However, it's not all gloom. The chorus brings a ray of hope, a belief in the transformative power of grief, and the potential for a brighter future. For many, there will be no such thing, their babies stranded amongst the rubble, never to be fully pieced back together, their mothers distraught and fathers hopeless under grief's grasp. Sons left without mothers' fathers left without sons, mothers left without husbands and Grandmothers left without daughters. Siblings left without their childhood and answers hiding amongst the turmoil. This song however, exists to educate, move and do what it can in a situation that needs more than a miracle to free itself.

The repeated lines "But if that day comes round / When the fence comes down / Then this moment full of grief could be a start" are a clarion call for unity and peace, transcending physical and ideological divides.

The song culminates in a powerful message of unity, with the word “miracle” sung in both Arabic and Hebrew, symbolizing a universal call for peace. This gesture is not only symbolic but also a practical step towards healing, as the Marsh Family has dedicated the song to raise funds for the International Red Cross, aiding its work in Gaza and Israel.

Where there is love there is hope for mankind. Here, it starts with a song.

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