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Unveiling The MESS:AGE: Glen Brandon's Rock Odyssey Continues with New Single "MR W.H.O" and Upcoming Albums

Dive into the prophetic and powerful new track "MR W.H.O" from The MESS:AGE, a preview of the anticipated albums "MAKE THE PEACE" and "AGE OF MESS."

Glen Brandon, the creative force behind The MESS:AGE, is proud to announce the release of his new single "MR W.H.O" from the upcoming album "AGE OF MESS." This track is a sonic embodiment of Brandon's unique vision, blending rock, pop, and spiritual elements into a powerful message about personal freedom and societal concerns.

The song "MR W.H.O," characterized by its poignant lyrics and compelling composition, reflects on the contemporary issues of freedom and surveillance. The track resonates with the energy of rebellion and enlightenment, aiming to inspire and provoke thought among its listeners.

With a curious air of experimental electronic elements, "MR W.H.O" sets listeners up for greatness. The introduction is long, coming in at forty-five seconds without any vocal content but that doesn't mean things are boring - far from it actually. The electronic elements fade out and listeners are introduced to a Pop-Rock fusion of 80s nostalgia with the freshness of bands like The 1975. It's upbeat, fun, and inviting. The vocals offer a classic soft rock feel similar to that of Phil Collins. It's a catchy one. It's highly danceable and a real hit!

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Glen Brandon, known for his passionate involvement in music and activism, continues to push the boundaries with his upcoming albums "MAKE THE PEACE" and "AGE OF MESS." These albums are expected to be a culmination of years of personal experiences, spiritual journeys, and a deep dive into the challenges facing humanity today. I for one can't wait to here it if the songs are like this one!

Stay tuned for more updates on The MESS:AGE’s journey, and be sure to check out the main website at Pumpkin Pie Music to support the artist directly.

Genres: Indie Rock, Power Pop, Melodic Pop Rock, Commercial Pop

Mood: Prophetic, Energetic, Thought-Provoking, Anthemic

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