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Here With You

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

The Starkillers are back with their latest release ‘Here With You’. The Salt Lake City-based group always seem to impress us over at TJPL NEWS, making their way into our charts and people popular amongst readers.

Making a change from their up-tempo releases of the past, The Starkillers have transitioned into a more mellow sound through this release.

The story within its lines expresses the feelings associated with being with someone who just simply clicks with you. Ever felt as though you don’t want to spend time without someone? Do day and night morph into one? There’s something super spiritual about this feeling, and The Starkillers are here to put those words into a song for you.

In the wrath of melodic pop meets indie rock, ‘Here With You’ opens with pulsating folk meets ballad style acoustic guitar pucks and occasional drumming before introducing a soft and pop-style vocal performance. The energy of this song increases as it develops, luring listeners into an electrifying dream pop production.

The Starkillers are on a mission to world domination – I can foresee it! – TAMARA JENNA


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