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The Tower of Disassociation: Alice Jayne's Retro Pop Journey Through Darkness

‘The Tower’, a metaphorical concept for a cage? An unreachable realm perhaps? Alice Jayne addresses a personal journey through this release.

Bubbles of synth bass set things off to a retro pop feel, the vocals are distant yet strong. The lyrics talk of disassociation, taking yourself out of your surroundings and into your mind. The rabbit hole of the mind takes us all from time to time, no matter what anybody says, we have all felt darkness in one way or another.

This is a song that addresses those feelings and lays them out, unapologetically and with strength.

The production contains many layers from drum progressions to key synths to the already mentioned synth bass as well as the vocals but something feels effortless here – smooth yet cinematic and impactful. Almost along the lines of 80s synthpop meets twee.

A highly relatable song with a catchy backdrop. Isn’t that what pop is all about?



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