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The Train Rockers' "Munich" Captures a Soul-Stirring Blend of Gritty Indie Rock and Nostalgic Blues

Credit - Livi Smith

The Train Rockers deliver a sound that I have been searching for. It’s gritty, but uplifting, full of glorious tone played with heart under melodies that dance in the orange sunset light. Their song, ‘Munich,’ is as profound as it is classic. The guitar tones bring you right back to old blues rock. The rhythms and the pace, it all fits. The band swells around those hearty vocals as they open up to us, expressing everything that is built up behind the lyrics. It’s personal and you can feel that; there’s this energy in the back that drips through, and when it hits you it sparks like wildfire.

‘Munich’ rides on like a classic indie rock jaunt until it switches. There is a change in tone, the song slows, takes a walk on the scenic side. The Train Rockers pull you in with rock and then show you a softer sound. A brilliant switch, well-performed and creative down to the very last semi-quaver. A wondrous rock track that I will return to again and again.



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