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THE TURNING OF THE TIDE - More than Bread Alone

The Turning Of The Tide have unleashed their debut single, ‘More than Bread Alone,’ a devilishly complex cinematic/contemporary pop marvel. The sounds of the single blend not only worlds but ideals. The piano in the back starts slow, the vocals overtop pushing methodical melodies over the chords. It’s powerful and tonal, it sets the rest of the song up for a slow and harrowing jaunt. But a shift happens and the colour rushes in. Modern percussion flies through the track, aligning with the piano which has taken an all-new form. The vocals speed, they show no signs of slowing down as the song powers into the chorus and beyond. Another change and we hit heavy drums, deep bass and the drawing back of the melody. It gets heavy and bright, it’s a fantastic warp.

‘More than Bread Alone’ is just the beginning for The Turning Of The Tide. It’s a brilliant example of what two clashing visionaries can do when they come together to create music from the heart.



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