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West Virginia Rain

Lincoln, United States

Credit - Sarah & Jeanne Vaggalis, Joe Rathe

Charming Americana and folk melodies are soul-warming. They brighten the sun, they greener the grass, they bluer the sea and sky. A sound that is so delicate and unique is hard to come by, but some of the best of this sound is performed by The Wildwoods. Their single, ‘West Virginia Rain’ is a masterful blending of tones, voices and melodies. It creates a pallet of colours. Warm browns and oranges and reds, paint fields and trees, darkened brush and muddy lanes. The effect that their outburst of harmony has on you is profound, it isolates you, it makes you look inward and find the good things about yourself. With help from the acoustic stylings of The Wildwoods, we can all become a little brighter.

One standout feature of ‘West Virginia Rain’ is its range. A lot of Americana relies on drones. Played on one of the instruments in the medley, this rhythm, this riff, continues as the song goes, the rest of the vocals and instrumentals spinning around it in orbit. It's wonderful but it is rather stationary. The Wildwoods have no such static affliction. The tone moves and the velocity goes with it. The whole song moves freely up and down the scale and because of that we get to experience the full body of the instruments and vocals that are performing. ‘West Virginia Rain’ is a splendid song that you could lose hours to, revisiting, replaying, wiling away the sunset. Enlightening.


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