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Love Bound

Milwaukee, United States

Tigera’s ‘Love Bound’ in a sentence? The 1975 meets Shawn Mendez. – TAMARA JENNA

‘Love Bound’ is the latest single released by the Pop/Rock powerhouse known as Tigera. The band released their debut music video to accompany this single. So, does it mean to be ‘Love Bound’ through the eyes of Tigera?

Addressing the early stages of love, the heart-warming moments that are born not out of acts but out of an expression of energy, this song takes those tiny bundles of joy and wraps them up in lyrics that quite simply take the listener through the journey of an emotional fool – we’ve all been there, in those moments, when no act of reason can penetrate the brain, for the soul flies free through the song of love.

Pop rock takes centre stage here with a mix of heavy drumming and guitar strums but in between the madness of the hook, listeners can enjoy subtle guitar solos through the calmness of its verses. This is a song that has the potential to cross shores and excite pop lovers and lovers of rock in one sweeping wave.


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