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TJ DOYLE - (Let Your Light) Shine - LATEST RELEASE


(Let Your Light) Shine

Altadena, CA, United States

TJ Doyle has presented us with another country rock staple, ‘(Let Your Light) Shine’ is a prime example of what a band can do. Put a group of creative individuals together; one with vocals that can climb into the higher ranges, touching the fringes of imaginative melodies; one with a passion for bass lines and what a great memorable phrase can do to a song; a standout drummer who keeps the whole shebang moving and a guitar player who wraps the whole thing up in a bright bluesy bow. What do you get? Well, the point is you can still get all manner of things. This musical arrangement is not even close to delivering everything that it has to offer. The TJ Doyle Band is just one of many bands still pushing out smashing tracks, evolving and building on a formula that is as old as rock itself.

‘(Let Your Light) Shine’ is a bright song with a chorus you can clap to, stamp to throw your hat to. The verse is full of plucky instrumental tidbits that fill the space in creative ways and allow for the vocal to sing a tune that feels so natural it's like they’re playing a classic. And I suppose in ten years they will be as this song feels as if it was always meant to be.

Do yourself a favour and listen to TJ Doyle. ‘(Let Your Light) Shine’ is certainly not the only gem in their collection. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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