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TJ Viola Releases 'Running': A Fusion of Jazz-Inspired Pop and Lush Orchestration

New York's multi-talented musician TJ Viola captivates with 'Running', blending deep personal themes with vibrant musical layers.

TJ Viola, the dynamic keyboardist, singer, and producer from New York, has unveiled his latest single, 'Running'. This track offers a blend of jazz fusion-inspired pop, that address themes of loneliness, fear, and the overwhelming rush of human emotions.

'Released on March 1, 2024, 'Running' showcases TJ Viola's unique ability to synthesize his varied musical influences—from the likes of Toto and Michael Jackson to contemporary jazz elements—into a sound that's both nostalgic and fresh. The track features Viola's expert keyboard skills along with a full band including trumpets, saxophones, trombone, bass, and drums.

The opening is a lady killer! It has the effortlessness of Jackson and the swag of Prince. As the track progresses you find yourself in a modern mix pop fusion, 1975 comes to mind but with the unique addition of sax to bring something new yet old-school too. I have no idea how one comes about creating such a masterpiece but I'm here for it! The blend of influences and genres is truly genre and era blending. I'm super excited about hearing more from TJ Viola and what he has in store next! Straight into our Ones2Watch goes TJ Viola!

The recording process of 'Running' involved both solo efforts and collaboration, utilizing spaces like the Juilliard School and Manhattan School of Music to capture the live instrumental elements that define the track's rich sound. This methodical and community-driven approach to music production highlights Viola's dedication to authenticity and quality.

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With performances across prominent venues in New York City and beyond, TJ Viola has been solidifying his presence in the music scene. His work resonates with audiences through its profound lyrical content and intricate musical composition, making 'Running' a significant addition to his growing discography.

Personal Quote from TJ Viola: "Creating 'Running' was a journey through both technical challenges and deep personal reflection. This track represents not just my musical capabilities, but also my persistence and passion for sharing my vision with the world."

To celebrate the release of 'Running,' TJ Viola will be performing live at several key venues across New York City, promising an immersive experience that blends his recording with spontaneous live interpretation.

Genres: Pop, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, Soul

Mood: Euphoric, Nostalgic, Relaxing

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