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Lawrenceville, United States

‘Kaleidoscope’ is the new single from Lawrenceville-based indie rocker Tony Lio. Acting as a sequel to the previously released song ‘Cigarette and Angel Wings’ as well as an exploration of a new sound from Tony Lio, ‘Kaleidoscope’ truly is what it claims to be. In a mix of Psychedelic dream pop and alternative shoegaze indie rock, this song promises to be a hit amongst many listeners.

The video is super cool! Remember the early graphics of Sims? Well, the video for ‘Kaleidoscope’ takes similarities in the form of humans, nature and music. A nice little graphic of guitar playing accompanies the audio in a captivating way as the singer tells his story. A woman, free-floating in wander, joins in to add an extra dimension to an already trippy phenomenon.

The guitar solo just past midway through the song is essential to this song! Offering a break between vocals but increasing the electrifying energy of the piece is something of a highlight here. Heavily reverbed vocals match a reverbed guitar accompaniment to produce this ever-engaging production. From the mellowness in the guitar arrangement to the effects that rest within them, ‘Kaleidoscope’ shines its colours for all to get a glimpse of.


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