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TOP 10 ACOUSTIC - 13/05/2022



Nero Simon and the Sunsetters

Forever (Live version)

Atlanta, United States

Nero Simon and the Sunsetters sent us their live version of their track entitled 'Forever' this week. The track is from their new album Treasure Chest which was released March 18th 2022. This group is a community of eight Atlanta-based musicians! The group is fronted by lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Nero Simon. This is a track with beautiful guitar riffs, great harmonies and a real sense of connectedness between the band in the way that they perforn. I love the way that the video shows each musician as they perform their solos. Click the link below to watch the video now!



Jodi Heights

The Storm

Boston, United States

Credit - David Cahill

Heights releases another piano-driven single titled 'The Storm'. This track was written during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, but relates to any crisis that affects broad groups of people. Opening with a beautiful acoustic piano arrangement that is intricately played alongside strings we find ourselves lifted through this emotive production. As the vocals join the mix I was blown away by the intimacy of the performance.. This is a highly emotive acoustic piece that will melt even the most solid of hearts. Asking “when the storm is past, what will we have left?” we get a glimpse of what is to come from 'The Storm'. This is the second single from Heights' new 3-track EP, "Triptych".



Connor Desai

Some Time Ago

Seattle, United States

Credit - Connor Desai, Chris White

Connor Desai is back with a brand new track after her "Friend of the Devil" cover made the final scene of Netflix’s 2021 hit sci-fi show, The One. The latest release entitled 'Some Time Ago' is a track that opens with a folk feel to it through the guitar arrangement. Soft but powerful we hear the guitar intricately weave its way around the vocals to create something incredibly moving. The lyrics and the vocals tell the story perfectly. We're looking forward to hearing more from this artist! Click the link below for an acoustic whirlwind.



Craig Gould


Burton on Trent, United Kingdom

Credit - Phil Drury - 2324 Photography

Craig Gould releases his new track entitled Burned'. This is the third and final single release prior to his much anticipated album! His previous singles have impressed with some reaching #1 in the Amazon Music UK Folk Chart, #4 in the iTunes UK Singer/Songwriter chart, and #2 in the iTunes UK Country Chart. The album is a project that is in partnership with the UK mental health charity CALM where the artist will donate all of their streaming/download profits from these singles to help fund mental health care in the UK. This is a catchy track full of stories to tell rhythmic guitar but most importantly, it is uplifting!



Brendan Lane

Oh Child

Annapolis, MD, United States

Credit - Bruno Takii

Brendan Lane has always been a musical person, growing up with a jazz musician father and surrounded by records as a child. His latest song, "Oh Child" is the result of years of being smothered by the constraints of coming of age in a small American town. A story about two lovers who are tired of dreaming of life beyond the county lines, and decide to manifest their destiny. This track opens with the most clear tone of an acoustic guitar. The vocals are perfectly mixed in tune with the guitar elements to open you up and through to the clouds. The Harmonies in this track work really well. I love this one! Simplistically beautiful. The lyrics tell a story of a woman's journey through life. A reflective piece through the narrative of an onlooker. Great work!



Daniel Young

Water Table Line (feat. Lillie Mae)

Salt Lake City, United States

Credit - Ryan Tanner

"Water Table Line", is a new single written by Daniel Young. "Let's take some time to unwind, enough of all this runnin' round, let's try to get your feet on solid ground". A tune that was written about, laying low and catching the hustle and bustle before it catches up to you. Opening with a classic country inspired acoustic feel. This track questions the nature of taking on more than you can handle in life from the perspective of a broken soul. As the track progresses we hear the duet of male and female vocals to showcase the perception of multiple souls. A lovely song with a meaning that keeps you questioning.



Aaron Wylder


Victoria, Canada

Credit - Hailey Krakana

Aaron Wylder presents his latest single entitled 'Annamarie'. The single was produced and recorded at The Woodshop Studios in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC alongside producer Zak Cohen and drummer Michael Wilford. This track is an acoustic piece that addresses the admiration the singer has for 'Annamarie'. A confession to a lover. This track turns from slow acoustic to a soft rock catchy banger full of soft upbeat transitions and then back down to slowed down acoustic. A guitar solo that gets you thinking comes in to give a midpoint between the stripped down feel and the tempo of the lift. I really like the switch! Click the link below to hear it.



The Kaz Experiment

When The Sun Goes Down

Melbourne, Australia

The Kaz Experiment was born in the early days of January 2022, as an experimental musical project of artist and singer/songwriter, Karen Harding. Both The Kaz Experiment and Karen Harding are no stranger to TJPL NEWS and have made several of our Top 10s in the past. When The Sun Goes Down’ is a deeply relaxing and reflective instrumental track based around a soundscape. The track brings us into the world of a light piano melody and the entrancing ambient sound of strings. This track is beautifully put together and would make a great addition to your journey as you contemplate the universe at sundown. Great work!



Jerome Finel

Vie Libre

Epernay, France

Jerome Finel sent us his latest release entitled 'Vie Libre'. The France based artist incorporates elements of funk, jazz and ska into this piece alongside the more traditional feel of folk. This mix works wonders to the ears of the listener. The song was written whilst the artist was in Africa. The video films his son through a moving story. This is a really unique and captivating piece. Looking forward to hearing more from the French man! Click the link below to check it out for yourselves. Show some love.



Andrew Metheven

A Quiet Life

Bradford, United Kingdom

Andrew Metheven was born and raised in Bradford, West Yorkshire, a city he still calls home. His first EP - A Quiet Life - was released in March 2022 and is made up of six lo-fi folk songs. The songs explore living through the joys and sorrows of living in our modern world as bombs fall and babies are born, as parents pass away and trees grow, as we climb trees and the ice caps melt. This whole EP is one for your acoustic playlists so go check it out using the streaming link below!



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