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Top 10 Acoustic Weekly - 15/04/2022

Updated: Apr 17, 2022


Thea Lissi - Won't Be Mine

United States, US

American singer-songwriter and dancer Thea Lissi is here with the refreshing song ‘Won’t Be Mine’. Thea Lissi shares, "I was inspired to write "Won't be Mine" while trying to leave my now ex-husband. I tried for years to make the relationship work & he didn’t seem to care. Once I left he finally changed but it was too late. We tried for 2 years to make it work but I just wanted to be free and for him to let me leave. Which then led to me finding my passion for writing music again and writing “Won’t Be Mine”. We really loved the inspiration and strength behind this track. The vulnerability of her vocals really showed her feelings in a way that the listener can relate. Go show some love and support by streaming using the link below.




For those of you who missed our post last week, we'd like to bring back Jonathan Grow - a pianist and composer, who writes solo scores for tv, film, and production. His latest single titled 'Le Vol' is a neo-classical composition written for piano; he told us that it is a story told in three short movements with cinematic movements which aim to paint the picture of loss and the emotions that come with it. We included two releases from this genius in this weeks list of Top 10 Acoustic tracks and we're sure that we will be keeping an eye out for all of his creative prosperities. To hear his work please click the link below, you don't want to miss out.



Liad Abraham - Call Of The Sea

Haifa, Israel

Liad Abraham, a guitarist-composer from Israel is back with his latest release titled 'Call Of The Sea'. Opening with a dreamy guitar plucked Spanish Guitar we're taken into a place of peace. Although this piece has no words it very much tells a story through its parts. For the last two years he's been releasing a series of original music on streaming platforms to amazing success. Slowly climbing towards 200K monthly listeners on Spotify alone, it is clear that he has huge backing from listeners. Call Of The Sea is the third single from his upcoming (mostly) instrumental album. He told us that "The track, as most of my work, takes inspirations from folk, cinematic and classical music. The track has a booklike quality, starting and ending on the same page. In the middle, the music moves through a handful of beautiful, magical melodies that keep developing." Definitely check him out using the streaming link below.



Nate Hadley - sunset over paris

Cullowhee, United States

Credit - Jordan Boyd

'sunset over paris' is a release by 'Nate Hadley'. He told us that he's "really excited about this release because I feel like it has a message that would be impactful for a lot of people." He then went on to say that he "lost my grandmother and nearly lost my dad. This all happened right as I was moving to a new city to focus on my career in music. I began to think a lot more about my relationship with the people I love, the importance of family, and how I personally cope with death. So, I decided to begin a project that would honor my loved ones, and that project ended up becoming what will be my debut EP that is coming out in a few months." 'sunset over Paris' was written about a friend who passed away. Opening with strumming and plucked guitar layers in a major key we're taken to a place of dreams. As the lyrics come in, we hear a touching track lyrically and in its production and we hope that Nate continues turning pain into art.



Luna Keller - Wanderer

Cologne, Germany

Credit - Roger Keller

Luna Keller is a Spanish/German indie singer-songwriter who sings in English. Her release titled "Wanderer" is a song which opens with a mindful feel with windpipes which fades out quite quickly to make room for the plucking of guitar strings and vocals. A folk inspired acoustic track tells a story worth "lending your ears" to. She told us "is a really personal song I wrote on the last day in my childhood home before moving away." and that "It's one of those songs that I really needed to write and it had been a part of my journey since." This track appears on her newly released album 'Prophecies and Silver Linings' as a symbol of closed chapters. Check out 'Wanderer' now using the steaming link below and check out her album too!



Dominick Raffaele - Outside The Box

Massapequa, United States

Credit - Rachel Dibble

Dominick Raffaele is back with his release 'Outside The Box'. This track is ultimately about identity. "Identity is, ultimately, a box that we are all put in. It’s what we wear, it’s the job we do, it’s the activities we participate in, it’s our relationships." Going on to discuss the presumptions that are often made surrounding identities this track aims to highlight that although those labels can help us feel at home, they also limit and confine us in the process. Through this track, we are destined to know that "we do not owe anyone an explanation of who or what we are."



RitaKAS - Naked Mystery

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Alireza Paryas

RitaKAS is a singer born and raised in Lithuania. After some time working as a kindergarten teacher she decided to leave everything behind, go to Los Angeles and finally reach her dreams. In a small condominium basement, she recorded a song, about passionate love, called “Naked Mystery”. In the song RitaKAS invites you to fully explore your passion inside you and except who you truly are.

In this track, Rita plays piano, creates digital instrument tracks and does editing. Rita’s biggest influence comes from artists like Adele, Ed Sheeran. Defining her sound Rita says that, she takes influence from Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande's voices mixed up together. We can definitely hear those influences in her music. A real vulnerable vocal performance in a stripped back way offering piano and vocals layers. Very Kate Bush in sound also.



Matyascorvinus - Tree of Life

Kotka, Finland

Credit - Minna Paasonen

Matyascorvinus is back with their track titled 'Tree of Life'. The tree of life has many symbolic meanings in a variety of cultures. Matyascorvinus told us "For me a tree symbolizes life in general. And now, when there is a war in Europe, the meaning of life and living is being highlighted more than ever. Like the poppy that is the symbol of remembrance of victims of Great War." Making the intention of the song very clear, we were told that it is "a recognition for ordinary people suffering from war and violence, forced to flee their homes...maybe never to return." This song opens with a folk-inspired guitar pluck, later accompanied by the distance sound of tribal vocal chops to bring depth to this production. This is a very spiritually thought-provoking piece. Perfect for our meditation sessions or on a relaxation playlist.



Will Wood - Tomcat Disposables

Will Wood - an American singer-songwriter is back with his track titled 'Tomcat Disposables'. Full of shakers and plucked guitar accompanied by soft vocals we're given a laid-back acoustic track for our playlists. As the track develops we hear whistles and percussions join the mix. Retaining a massive fanbase of over 800k monthly Spotify listeners, we knew that he was an artist to keep an eye on! 'Tomcat Disposables' provides a new sound from Will, layering the soft sounds of the baritone ukulele with his fully orchestrated backing band. To support his release he has a nearly sold-out tour and massive publicity campaign including podcast interviews and short-film-style music video releases! Although the track isn't publically available until 29/04/2022, be sure to follow Will Wood's Spotify below to keep up to date!




Christchurch, New Zealand

Credit - Esther Riess

Tess Liautaud second single 'On The Cusp' shows a different side to the artist than previously seen. 'On The Cusp' is a track from and in anticipation of Liautaud's debut and self-titled album which will be out on June 17th. We were told that this track highlights the feeling of ''When you know some change is about to occur in your life or around you, you just feel it, you can tell you’re in an in-between period, but that time is as important as any other!" This track is a beautiful and vulnerable one that will be out on 22/04/2022 so make sure you follow her Spotify below to keep up to date with her releases!



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