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Updated: Jul 16, 2022



BL THA HOOK SLAYA - You Are My One & Only

Miami, United States

As I’m writing this article I’m currently on holiday and this track will be the song of it. The vocals in “You Are My One and Only’ are by Charly Black, known for the multiplatinum dancehall smash hit “Party Animal” and also includes Grammy award-winning artist Jon Secada. This song is bright and full of energy. The sweet synth sound adds to the feel-good vibe and the dancehall beat makes it impossible not to dance. Charly’s iconic vocal sound delivers lyrics about a girl who is his ‘one and only’. The song’s main melodic theme sung through the lyrics ‘You are my one and only’ gives the song a catchy hook. This one was an easy pick for number one.



THEHIZ - All My Love

Washington D.C., United States

Washington-based songwriter and producer Thehiz has released the brilliant ‘All My Love’. He does a great job of blending alternative rock with feel-good pop. This song has so many fun elements from glittering synths to powerful guitar chords, the track is full of energy. The four on the floor dance kick drum drives the song and makes it easy to dance to. The drum fills add extra excitement to the upcoming choruses. The lyrics explore themes of not letting someone go and giving someone all your love. I’m so interested to see what Thehiz does next while being managed by Jeffery David (a multi-platinum songwriter and producer to artists such as Zedd). I’m sure it will be incredible.



Lakeside X - Lifeline

Praha, Czech Republic

Lakeside X is a Prague-based synthpop band that relies heavily on strong influences from the 1980s. Their latest release ‘Lifeline’ is a dark and edgy pop track full of interesting and extended techniques. The track's vocal has a distorted sound to them, which blends them well into the technology-made backing. The lyrical content takes the listener through themes of being obsessed with someone and wanting to be with them. The energy grows into the chorus with added synth lines to push the track's momentum. The track's 80s influence is heard with the drum machine driving the underlying rhythm and accompanying synths with heavy modulation. There is a moody theme that is well executed harmonically, lyrically, and production-wise. A complete package. This track had to sit high on this week’s list.




Surrey, United Kingdom

Hanna Dorman is a Surrey-based pop and rock singer-songwriter with 10 years of experience releasing music. She is inspired by a wide range of female singer-songwriters such as Kelly Clarkson to Pretty Reckless. ‘Fire’, Hanna’s latest release, describes someone doing wrong while Hanna is ‘burning strong like fire.’ The pop influence in the synth-heavy instrumental is the perfect accompaniment to Hanna’s strong and sassy vocal delivery. This main vocal line is accompanied by overdubbed adlibs and harmonies which shows off Hanna’s note range perfectly. This track has been added straight to my feel-good playlist and without doubt, it should be in yours too. To hear this excellent pop hit stream below.




Indianapolis, United States

This funky electropop track is from Fifth Lucky Dragon, the stage name for multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, writer, and producer Louis Imperiale. Louis enjoys using cutting-edge alt-pop production in his tracks and that’s clearly heard in ‘Mango’ with the use of drum samples and synths. His voice is perfect for the pop genre and suits the way it has been layered with quieter backing tones that harmonise with it. The lyrics describe wanting to be with someone and imagine the taste of their lipstick sweetly named ‘Mango sugar high’. The syncopation in the synths and guitar chords give the track fun and bouncy off-beat feel. Before the final chorus, extra percussion samples push the track towards the isolated crowd vocal. This track is full of fun and energy.



Austin Marquez - Nostalgic Boy

New York, United States

‘Nostalgic boy’ is the latest release from New York-based singer-songwriter Austin Marquez. His unique pop style is brought together with influences from genres such as cinematic and ambient music. Austin’s rich and tuneful voice describes missing someone and not wanting to leave them through the track’s lyrics. The synths used are full of movement and different timbres keeping the track interesting and varying in accompaniment. The bridge has some amazing vocal riffs showing the true emotion in Austin’s incredible voice. Added to this are backing vocals which are airy and light. This all comes together in choruses in harmony to add extra drama to the track. I’m sure this one is going to do well. To listen to it hit the link below.



Bosola - Space & Time

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Bosola is a 3-piece alternative rock band from Newcastle. Their song ‘Space and Time’ springs into life after an acoustic and calm introduction. With distorted guitar lines and a full drum kit, the track is an indie dream. Lyrics describe the heartbreak of someone ‘still in love with a boy you left behind' and the hurt that is felt because they didn’t stick around. The vocal line has a slightly gritty tone which I think works well for the lyrical delivery. The little guitar riffs and reverbed vocals bridge the verses together well. The kit is punchy and works well alongside the bassline. All together the track is produced and mixed well, with a great lyrical story, it's one to listen to.




London, United Kingdom

With vocal and production similar to Lana del Ray and Birdy, ‘Pathetic’ is Italian singer-songwriter Francesca Guerra’s latest release. This beautifully airy and graceful track has ambient elements in its instrumental such as the synth’s timbre and long echoing reverbs. Almost military-style drums push the song well adding drama and movement. Francesca’s voice is gorgeous and in this track, it is blended with backing vocals to create a harmonious vocal line. I loved the repetition of the line ‘my heads underwater’ as the extended reverb makes the sound underwater and then suddenly snaps out of it. Her lyrics describe the overwhelming feeling when you are so ‘into ‘someone it's ‘pathetic’, she likens this to a drug in her system. The track overall is peaceful and captivating.



TAYLOR B-W - Tears Of Coal

Sydney, Australia

Taylor B-W is a pop singer based in Sydney, Australia. While taking influence from genres such as RnB and electropop she creates a well-executed pop track with relatable and emotional lyrics. Her latest release ‘Tears of Coal’ is an emotional track starting with acoustic guitar picking. Her smooth voice describes themes of blindly falling for someone and not knowing where it is leading. The synths and drums build the choruses texture while the song's main hook is sung with graceful vibrato. Little vocal adlibs spring to life within the song and the long reverb length adds to the track’s dramatic nature. This song finishes with intricate vocal runs which leave you wanting more.




Beirut, Lebanon

This bright pop track is released by Beirut-based Sandmoon. Sandmoon mixes elements of indie-pop with subtle middle eastern intonations to create ‘timelessness’ music. The standard band setup includes arpeggiated synths to add to the track's texture. The airy and peaceful vocal describes themes of not being someone else. It explores the way that life changes and never remains what it once was. The texture of the track grows and manages to build excitement in the vocal breaks. The harmony ensures it all flows continuously and vocal adlibs are successfully delivered almost in the final seconds. The track comes to a slight pause with the piano and synths hanging on. It really leaves you wanting more and that is cleverly delivered by a high-energy final chorus.



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