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Top 10 Guitar Riffs - 29/04/2022



The Awkward - George Gorgeous

Venlo, Netherlands

The Awkward was formed in 2020 and consists of members Rashid, Jeroen, Sen, and Brian. These young men from the 90’s seek to add a touch of 80’s to their indie-pop sound and during the pandemic, the band used their time to write and record their 12-track album Superficial Tendencies in their own home studio. The Awkward have been brewing behind the scenes for a while before they decided they were ready to make things public. And as soon as they did, their music got added to Spotify’s New Music NL and BE and got picked up by several UK media outlets. We needed something new, unpolished and honest. The Awkward are a group of friends that are bringing exactly that in the form of a refreshing synth-driven 80’s sound, dressed in a modern indie jacket. Click the link below to hear some real cool guitar playing!



Lusa Morena - Six Sessions

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Holly Whitaker

Lusa Morena is a five-piece band led by Bárbara, a fiery singer from Portugal, as are three of the other bandmates, so you can imagine the energy they bring to live performance! Passionate lyrics, catchy riffs and high-octane entertainment shortly sum up this group. Drawing from her own personal experiences with depression and trauma, Bárbara's brutally honest lyrics are sure to strike a chord with just about anyone. Using poetry and music as a tool for expression and self-healing, Bárbara is a storyteller in her own right. Combine this with the band's effervescent presence and Bárbara's rocker girl energy (think Janis Joplin, Ronnie Spector) and you've got live music gold. Lusa Morena’s first single Six Sessions couldn't capture their vitality any better. This pumping track tells the tale of how Bárbara dragged herself to therapy because she couldn’t recognise herself anymore. Check them out!



The Trusted - Millennium

Southend on Sea, United Kingdom

Rousing pristine Indie Rock, 'Millennium' is the brand new single from UK based Indie band The Trusted. Millennium is a song about growing up in the early 21st century. Infusing their Indie Rock sound with subtle electronics and other-worldly synths, The Trusted delivers a sound that offers high production value and is effortlessly clean, cool and authentically their own. ‘Millennium’ was recorded and produced by Rees Broomfield, SS2 Studios and mixed by Grammy nominated Andy Bradfield (Elbow, David Gray, Rufus Wainwright).The Trusted are Southend-on-Sea natives Dave Batchelor, Dale Holt-Mead, Fin Cunningham and Tom Cunningham.



pMad - Broken

Portumna, Ireland

Paul Dillon is an Irish solo artist from Portumna, Co. Galway named pMad. The new single from pMad, again self-released, is accompanied by another visual masterpiece of a video that follows the struggle of us all being ‘Broken’. pMad defines ‘Broken’ in the view that "none of us are built without cracks or faults, we all hurt, we are all human." Whilst questioning that acknowledgment of this will save us? pMad’s third single release ‘Broken’ is an honest mix of his vision of the times that we are currently in, with vocals and lyrics to redeem us all, along with a sonic intensity that is both equally dark and uplifting, while ultimately leaving you with a feeling of hope!



Blind Season - Wine & Hair Dye

Detroit, United States

Blind Season currently consists of two official band members - Shane Sigro on vocals and guitar, and Mike Paraski on bass and backing vocals. The duo formed after numerous members left and struggled to maintain a solid lineup. Their main influences are Alice in Chains, Nothing But Thieves, The Cure, and Seether to name a few from different eras. 'Wine and Hair Dye' features on their current album which was half recorded in a basement, and then polished up alongside the addition of drums played in LA. When quizzed on the particular ethos of the album we were told that it is that "I look at each song as sort of a diary entry/chapter. At the time that I was making it I wasn't leaving the house much and staying in a dark room creating these songs because I had nothing else to do. The band was essentially over so it was a lonely time. I needed friends so I made songs instead to get out of my head." Click the link below!



Shredded Bulbs - Waterfall


The co-creation of Austrian electro-rockers Mike & Soles, Shredded Bulbs is an eclectic – but finely executed – blend of heavy guitars, electronic textures and catchy pop undertones. Their latest single sees them bring vitality and artistic endeavour in one track. ‘Waterfall’ does not dissent to their philosophy; setting a raw, garage-rock tone from the outset, the track is backed by sporadic bassy undercurrents over which Mike and Soles lay instantly memorable, anthem-like hooks. Distorted guitars drive their echoes of “Together”,creating a gritty, twisting, and unmistakably rock-inspired sound. The duo seem to have mastered the Nirvana-esque loud/quiet dynamic; ‘Waterfall’ is full of twists and turns, varied soundscapes, unexpected and crashing crescendos – a virtue the song-writers hope will land them with a diverse audience: “We aim to capture pure and radiant energy that will instantly appeal to electronic, pop and rock fans everywhere,” say the Austrian artists. “Waterfall’s cross appeal of listening is our unique selling point – we just love to connect things.”



PRTLND - Burned Out

Dublin, Ireland

Credit - Ana Dorado -

PRTLND is a new alternative rock artist from Dublin, Ireland who's influences are vast but deeply rooted in 90s rock. He released his first single titled 'Into The Distance' on 25th Feb which has over 12k streams to date. Burnt Out is a “ break up song”, a reminder of relationships that we thought would last forever but slowly burnt out. PRTLND has 4 more songs ready to be released this year and is planning to tour and release an EP end of year or early next year. Check 'Burned Out' by clicking the streaming link below.



Cool Aid - Magic Rocket

Frankfurt, Germany

The need for "never again war" is becoming more and more urgent. The song provides an interesting solution to this and continues thoughts and theories on this topic from the 1960s. Magic Rocket takes an emotional approach to the difficult subject of military conflict. Following on from the anti-war longing, but also serious scientific experiments in the 1960s, this song carries the theme and this longing further into the present day. To draw attention to how present this wish lives on in the minds of all generations, here is the anthem for it.



Viben - Funk Duster

Austin, Texas, Unites States

Credit - Justin Cook @cookcamera

In a time of confusion and hostility among humanity, the Gods sent their only son - Viben - down to the Earth, hoping to bring about a new understanding. Upon his entrance through the stratosphere, Viben immediately plummeted to the bottom of the ocean, where his interactions with the creatures of the sea taught him a submersible musical language, Scuba Funk. Equipped with only Scuba Funk, Viben surfaces to bring this sound to the humans of earth, optimistic that the language of the sea can also heal the wounds of humanity.



Martin Leary - Waiting For

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Martin Leary is an indie rock and alternative artist based in Glasgow. Releasing debut EP “The Fear” in late 2019, Martin became a bit of a studio artist working in the HQ Glasgow, with producer and owner Gregor McPhie, through lockdown releasing “All in Good Time EP” and various singles such as “Watch the Sun Burn Your Eyes” in 2021. Watch the Sun Burn Your Eyes - “Exuding pure rock and roll charm, the song careers into a rollercoaster of distorted guitar licks, pounding percussion and unforgettable hooks, as Martin completes it all with his smooth lyrical display. With Gregor McPhie providing a slick production finish, the track boasts a similar anthemic quality to that of Oasis and The Verve, and manages to rev up a comparable sonic force despite being a solo artist” – FAMEMAGAZINE



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