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TOP 10 POP - 06/05/2022



Colds - Sorry, but I…

Groningen, Netherlands

Credit - Wouter Kroon

‘Sorry, but I…’ is the 3th single from Colds upcoming debut Ep. Always lurking on the internet to find pop songs for his own playlists, Richard (Colds) is a genuine music nerd and songwriter who is obsessed with finding that sweet spot between Indie, Pop, Guitar and 80’s Synth’s. Writing, producing and mixing all his songs from out of his home studio. Colds received some early praise by tastemakers such as Peter Robinson from acclaimed Popblog ‘Popjustice’ where his song ‘Not Giving You Up’ landed on ‘The Popjustice Edit’ as well as Mtv host Kevan Kenny’s ‘Kevan’s Community Playlist’ and Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds: Pop’. Colds is now ready to drop consistently and will be releasing his first Ep in June. Before and after that you can expect more single’s.



Jesabel - This Small Town

Jacksonville, FL, United States

Jesabel's new single, "This Small Town," is like a fine casserole mashing up front porch storytelling with electronic pop-folk instrumentation. The tune is based on her personal perspective growing up in a small town in Georgia. The twists and turns of trying to figure yourself out in a place you don't quite belong or understand. Couldn't wait to leave. Yet, now can't wait to go back. I'm sure many of us can relate to this. She may have traveled far living in places like Milan, Italy and Miami, FL, later to eventually settle in Jacksonville, FL but "This Small Town" will always be home. Funny, isn't it? Click the link below to hear it now!



anish tyagi - hard2read

Redlands, United States

Credit - Elita Barus

anish is an Indian American artist based in San Bernardino, California. This is a track that really captures your attention and fast! It is a culmination of eccentric sounds blended into one little gift in sound form. anish told us that "As an Indian-American artist I was influenced by Bollywood music as well as lots of electronic, pop, and rap elements. I am currently writing my first album along side producer ELIAT, who also happens to be my best friend. Together we are writing about our unique experiences my goal is to make music that is authentic to me and hopefully share my perspective with the world." His debut album is in the works and is set to be out July 2nd so make sure go click the link below and get following him on his musical journey!



Ciao! - Mayday in E Major

New York City, United States

Credit - Lucas (Ciao) Carroll

Mayday in E Major was ironically released on MAY DAY! It is his first single from the forthcoming album "Scary Haha," which tells the story of the artist's early battles with severe illness, treatment, recovery, and uncertainty. It's a kaleidoscope of emotion and musical influence that will take you away into the journey of life through it's real and relatable themes. Definitely check this artist out and keep an eye out for the album! Click the link below to hear 'Mayday in E Major'... go ...go do it now! What are you waiting for?



Sarpa Salpa - Dreaming

Northampton, United Kingdom

Credit - Ali Kellythorn

Sarpa Salpa are back with a brand-new single ‘Dreaming’ on Friday 6th May. ‘Dreaming’ follows their 2 recent singles ‘Your House’ (Nov 21) & ‘Somebody’ (Jan 22) which saw huge radio support from Jack Saunders (Future Artists) and Clara Amfo (Future Sounds) on BBC Radio 1 well as from BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, Radio X (X-Posure Playist) and the Student Radio Association Network. Fresh off the back of their first USA dates, playing 8 shows in 5 days at the coveted SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas where they won over a whole host of new supporters in the industry including a mention in Billboard Magazine praising the bands fresh “indie disco” sound. Now back in the UK, Sarpa Salpa hit the ground running with a sold-out show in their hometown of Northampton before a run of dates over the summer including The Great Escape, 110 Above Festival and fast selling headline shows in London, Manchester, and Bristol. These are defo a group the world needs to lock eyes with!



Escapades - Old (Merciful Sessions)

Manchester, United Kingdom

Escapades have released their live studio recording of their set favourite 'Old', with help from the guys over at Merciful Sound in Liverpool. Having had this track in their setlist for as long as they can remember, they are incredibly proud of the live version. Groovy, and featuring co-lead vocalists’ Liv and Ollie’s trademark harmonies, the track takes listeners through the pining motions of young love, and the torment of having to watch love grow old. At nearly 5 minutes, the huge track has been a favourite of the foursome for quite some time; now, releasing this version through Merciful Sound, Escapades have been able to pin down the final edition of ‘Old’, and it will stay firmly in their live set. Dreamy and glittering guitars, massive drums, on stage swagger — Escapades are certainly going all out for this release. North West 4-piece Escapades have escaped from the confines of generic 'guitar music' to show their own take on indie-pop. Go click the link below to hear it!



jaxsen - impose

Louisville, KY, United States

jaxsen id s vocalist, instrumentalist and producer from Louisville, United States. His main influences range from Dandelion Hands, Mount Eerie/The Microphones to Lorde. His latest release entitled 'impose' was made from start to finish in his bedroom. "impose" is about feeling bad for feeling bad. It's the fear of your own negative thoughts finding its way to exit your body and weighing down everyone around you. The song is a plea for forgiveness. When asked about the narrative behind the track jaxsen made the following statement: "The song was first started at the beginning of quarantine. My brother and I would go to Chick-fi-a every week together, and it was always a good time. But one day I was feeling a bit down in the dumps and I knew he could tell. And I felt bad for making someone else have to deal with my problems. Then the song sat a bit dormant for a year until I went into an intensive outpatient program in November 2021. With a new found drive, I was able to finish the song."



Cael Dadian - This is Your Sign

San Diego, United States

Credit - Matt Brambila

“This is Your Sign” is a point a to b journey of a track with a slower mellow multi genre inspired first half and a high energy poppier second half. You’ll land somewhere different than you began and this is certainly a track to sink your teeth into. Thematically, it’s about urging that person to reach back out and despite any doubts they may have. When asked who the team were behind the production Cael Dadian replied " I wrote, produced, and engineered the track." This is amazing! Love seeing multitalented creatives out there! Click the link below to hear 'This is Your Sign'.



Bones in Butter - Beyond The Sea (Cover Single)

Belgrade, Serbia

Credit - Christopher Banks

Bones in Butter sent us a cover version of 'Beyond The Sea'. It was really nice to hear a classic track with a hint of modern. When asked about the track we were informed that "This song is our ode to the French Chanson, sung in English and performed by a Serbian band :) The French original "La mer" was written 75 years ago by Charles Trenet. "Beyond the Sea" is the title of the English version. Jack Lawrence wrote the lyrics and Bobby Darin popularized the song in 1959." Defo check this one out!



SJ Talbot - Millisecond

Dublin, Ireland

Credit - SJ Talbot

Dublin-based SJ Talbot has been ruthless in pursuit of a tight and sweet pop sound. Her third single ‘Millisecond’ is a gorgeously heartfelt ballad which moves the heart with the feet, and marks her as one of the most dangerously efficient new pop artists to emerge this year in Ireland and the UK. Her third release starts like a racecar, confident claps give way to her carefully trained vocals. Smooth drums and a lovely tacit come in just at the right time, the chorus hitting before you have to wait for it. Talbot’s vocals are, as always, laced with decadent harmony. Electric guitar courses through the track in the chorus, imbuing it with a feeling of delirium: “If you call again[…] I’ll be there in just a millisecond.”



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